Flock 1.0 other features

I hadn't quite checked out the other features for the Flock 1.0 since my last time. I just had checked the Facebook Peoples functionality which I had written about in my earlier post. Well, the primary obstacle is that I haven't been able to import my bookmarks and RSS feeds from my Firefox to the Flock. Bad yeah! But nonetheless, as the name suggests, Flock is promising in terms of social networking. Take this for instance. The Flickr page gives you a slidebar a.k.a MediaBar ahead, which enables you to surf through the media in your album. Other sites included are Youtube,Ma.gnolia,Twitter, delicious,Photobucket et al. The blog poster isn't much different from Firefox's Scribefire Addon ,only difference being, it opoens in a separate pop-up box, rather than the half-screen Scribefire (which is pretty annoying btw). My points this time for the MediaBar! Shall explore the possibilities of the Flock 1.0 some more and shall update ya soon!

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