Flock 1.0 for Facebook

I never knew about this almost Mozilla Browser. It eats up resources as much as my Firefox, and well you know what, it serves me the best for my Social Networking,RSS feeds and Blogging needs.L&G's introducing Flock 1.0. I know it has been around for quite a while now. My ignorance, apologies. The best feature according to me (given the facebook flocker I am), is the facebook people tab. Have a look at the screenshot below. Ain't it helpful enough? There is a very arranged RSS Reader, but I had problems in importing my bookmarks html which I exported from Firefox.

Haven't sorted it out. I tried importing directly from Firefox, but somehow some folders got skipped. Hmm! Any solutions to this one. Meanwhile enjoy the Facebook stuff. Have been drooling over it for the whole day .

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