5 things I want from the new Gmail

The New version of Gmail is here and is rolled out for all, who use Firefox based Browsers. IE is as expected, not prepared yet. But have we really seen any difference between this and the previous version. The New version doesn't seem to load faster in a very obvious way, the contacts page change isn't as useful as it may sound and well, the yellow shade change mentioned in my previous post is just a mere tone down of the hue. Nothing more, nothing less. As everyone, I too expected much more from the new version. So here is a list of the 5 things I want from Gmail 2.0. I hope Sergey and Larry take notice.
1: HTML and Picture Emails:
They enabled the Orkut scrapbook, they should do the same for the Inbox too. Who wouldn't love Graphics flashing out , or Youtube Videos directly in your Inbox? That's an awesome thought right!

1.1:An HTML Support for Signatures:
See I'm not one of those who use Mail Clients for my personal mail,( I use Lotus Notes for my Office Mail). Primarily because my Gmail Inbox size by now is more than 1.5 GB. And it hurts me everytime, I see that I'm unable to add that Signature Widget that I have in MyBlogLog. So please add this up!!

2: A Flickr-ish Uploader Status Bar:
I do appreciate the push to the 20 MB limit, but once I upload the file, there is no idea about the status of the upload what so ever. Or am I asking for too much? Ok, how about a drag and drop kindof functionality like Lotus Notes!!!!

3: An Open in a New Tab
Click on the Subject and it opens right there. Why not Ctrl-Click, or Right Click and an Open in a New Tab Option?

I know this is straight from Yahoo, but this helps right!!! We all use it extensively. Arranging your Inbox isn't any harm eh! My friend pointed out the Label functionality. But see, Label created, archived. And then new mails you want to add to the same label have to be added individually which is so tiring. Why not Just DRAG AND DROP!

5:Gmail-Gtalk invisible Mode:
We are all aware of this on Yahoo IM. Why not on the Gtalk? Who wants to talk to that stalker forcibly? And aah! that florescent Orange!

Of course the list is not complete without your suggestions. So add them up in the comments!

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November 16, 2007 at 6:56 AM

I have to say, I completely disagree on #1.

The things you want to do (embed Youtube, add a MyBlogLog widget) are just fluff that could be better served with a link (Youtube) or a text description (MyBlogLog).

Its one of the reasons I hate hotmail -- I have a relative who adds stupid graphics to every email he sends that are pointless and dont do anything but waste space in my inbox.


November 16, 2007 at 7:01 AM

really....who'd need tht...simple text is passe...if we can get scrapbooks filled with graphics, images and youtube vids, why not inboxes, wudnt it b more easy to share...rather clicking on to go to numerous pages...