My new Gmail 2.0

It's here. I noticed it last night itself. But I was too tired to post about it. Another thing, it doesn't work in IE 6(Haven't tried out IE7). It works on my Mozilla Firefox
Okay now for the proof of the new Gmail 2.0.

Here's how it is before:

And after:

The url for the new Gmail is and its ui=1 for the older one. It does load faster than the older version and just wait and watch as I show you more before and after shots.
But before that, just another flaunt shot of my IMAP enabled.

Okay back to the Before shot:This time its the Contact page, coz that is the only other difference I've been able to figure out yet.


Another feature:(if you can call it that)The yellow bannered text which appears when you complete a task, like send a mail, or delete spam, or when the mail has gone corrupt etc., is now a shade lighter..or is two shades lighter. Well, you have to see it for yourself. I don't really want to test that.
Did you like the new Gmail ? Comments are open. Send them in.

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April 29, 2008 at 5:54 AM

Hi Bro. Thanks for this rapid post on a very recent tech update. Here are my comments - and i dare say i am happy that it is easy to recert back to the 'older version' (ie,the glitchless, smooth-running version): 1- The newer version has trouble attaching files to email. Nothing seems to happen when i attach; whereas the old version used to pause, click, and attach it without fail. 2-when i try to indent text in the newer version (am using IE7) the browser hangs. without exception. don't go near it. I hadn't noticed the development in the contacts area you mentioned. This is the first time gmail is letting me down. I hope they fix these glitches soon.