Youtube Hack

Everyone must have heard about the recent announcement from the guys at Youtube about rolling out the next gen of Youtube in 3 months, which would allow better and higher resolution of videos, probably a longer duration limit of videos and better sound etc. What Youtube does when we upload a File already in a standard resolution,say 640X480 or upwards, is tone it down to normal 4:3 TV scale 320X240,convert it online to FLV which means compressed size at the cost of picture quality. Well, yes of course, video streaming is faster at this rate. But for broadband users, Youtube is just meh!All that is gonna change in 3 months from now. But this post which I found in a forum(, Read the article here) gives a step-by-step guide of retaining video clarity, and hacking the duration limit etc on the current Youtube. The procedure is a bit too long, and too intriguing for me, but for all the people who really want to dig in to upload your really long webisodes,podcasts,whatever, try it out.

BTW, I don't take any responsibility of corrupting your ethical computing side.
Pic Courtesy:MyCatRanch

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  Mobile gal

January 22, 2008 at 2:30 AM

May be they wanted to switch to Microsoft SilverLight