Yet another hit by Orkut

We all know the dark side of social networking. We have even seen many live examples of it. Amidst all the buzz about Google's Opensocial and the Facebook deal, this story takes place at Pune on Nov 3,2007. Front page on TIMES OF INDIA. The first report came here. A Software Engineer from Bangalore,Lakshmana Kailash K was arrested by Pune police on Aug 31st,because he allegedly uploaded a blasphemous matter about Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji on the social networking site Orkut. This had caused a huge uproar in the state and even had taken matters to a level of riots. (India is getting tech savvy).

The twists to the tale. It seems the police got the wrong man. The police took over 10 months to trace down the alleged source.Google who owns orkut, gave them the IP address,, and the further details by Airtel,the ISP. And after spending 50 days at the Pune Yerwada jail, Lakshmana was released, because Airtel provided the wrong IP. This is what Airtel had to say:

We are sorry and deeply distressed by the severe inconvenience caused to the customer

Now listen to this. Pune police had allegedly got hold of the "real culprits", 3 guys from Koramangala on October 3. But Lakshmana was released 3 weeks later. Asked about the earlier arrest,assistant commisioner Netaji Shinde says," Yes we made a mistake,SO WHAT?"
Lakshmana is back home now but no one is taking his plea seriously. The irony is there is no law in the Indian constitution through which the police can be sued. The police can't just get away with a mere apology after all they have done to an innocent Techie. Police sloppiness and a costly error by the telecom company. I know Airtel is gonna lose one customer. And so is Orkut.

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