Yahoo-Where are You?

Surf through each of the posts that I have posted on this blog so far. 73 total posts, excluding this one and do you know what connects them all,besides Techkeyla? 0% Yahoo. Yep. Yahoo has been quiet for a long long while. And it is high time to see Yahoo spring back in action. I mean c'mon who are we kidding? Let's list the online arenas:
Search:There's a verb for it -Google
IM: AOL,MSN Live,Gtalk and Skype,...can't remember what I'm missing here. Oh yeah Yahoo too.Just because we have been using our messengers for so long.
Social Networking: Not a player, yeah ok delicious! That's social bookmarking. (Dumb me)
Photo sharing: Yahoo rules here with Flickr. It is in fact the only place which reminds me of the Yahoo logo, well, during signing in.Competitors include Picasa,imageshack,photobucket et al.
So is Yahoo joining Opensocial? I should sleep now.

Pics Courtesy:generationexe

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