Windows Worries

Denis Dubie of ComputerWorld UK, in his blog reveals the survey figures of rejection of the new Redmond Obese-OS( that's what I'm gonna call it, as we call Ubuntu 7.10 -Gutsy Gibbon),Windows Vista. The survey was conducted by Forrester.Here are some of the key results of the survey.

As expected, Windows XP remains one of the biggest obstacles to the acceptance of the Vista.
Out of 600 US and European companies ,employing a minimum of 1000 employees each, which participated in the survey, 84 % of their PCs were running on Windows XP.

The survey also said:

.....Ninety percent of 961 IT professionals surveyed said they have concerns about migrating to Vista and more than half said they have no plans to deploy Vista.

Well Santa, send some Christmas Love to Redmond!!

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