Who'd buy a Zune?

I know this might be sounding like a straight hit to the fanboys of Zune. But yeah, why not sit down and just decide upon why would anyone go for a Zune when umm...iPod is there?
The Zune is now available in 4GB,8GB and 80 GB similar to the previous generation of iPod. And with the new generation of iPods having taken the market by storm and with the new additions to the family -iPod Touch and the revamping of the already existing Nano and iPod Classic, the reason for opting a Zune over all these options seems pretty questionable. So, if you are not one of the hardcore MS fanboys or Zune fanboys, why'd one opt for a Zune? I have been through extreme soul-searching and have come up with a list of 5 such reasons. Hope you agree with them. But if you don't , you are free to counter them, or just express your views on this.
So here goes the list.

1.not iTunes only: iPod and all things Apple are iTunes only. This has many issues addressed already in zillions of forums across the Net. Won't repeat them. Zune being able to sync with Windows Media Player, scores here.

2.FM Radio: I am not one of those who really think it as a necessity. But yeah, in places where one has the comfort of getting more than 30 FM stations, it could be something missing on an iPod.

3.not MP4 Video only:We all have DVDRip videos in DivX and Xvid encoded AVIs. It is so cumbersome to get it further converted to MP4 again. I know Zune doesn;t support that either. But well Creative Zen does. Ok, this point is for:why should we not go for an iPod.

4.The New Look: I donno about statistics, but yeah iPods are pretty common these days. Every 2nd woman seems to have those pair of white earphones on in the gym,at the jogging park and in the bus. Yeah, guys too. And probably becuase they have been around for so long. SO if you wanna try out something new, something Microsoft-ish, the New Zune is really not that bad eh!

5.Can't think of it. Ugh!!! Probably for the man with the Zune tattoo. Please!!!

Do remember it's all about personal choice.If you want to give up the feel of a clickwheel, or the densely pixelled Nano screen, the 160 GB storage, or for that matter the TOUCHSCREEN, what can I say, it is indeed personal CHOICE after all.

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