What is that fuss about Amazon's Kindle?

Just hit Techmeme now(ie 11/20/2007, 1020 hrs IST) and what you'll find is that the first half of page is occupied by Amazon's new paid ebook reader named as Kindle.More on the name a bit later. So what is so revolutionary about this new gadget kid on the block? It reads ebooks, rss feeds,blogs, e-magazines, enables you to download all of 'em in less than a minute without any internet, wi-fi, or PC connection by using a wireless network called Amazon Whispernet which is something on the lines of a cellular phone network service,which means this is available only in the US(but of course). Display as bright and crisp as paper, ie is clearly viewable even in strong sunlight unlike LCD displays in all portable handheld devices. No monthly bills, only 9.99$ per book download from a library of 90,000 strong Amazon Library. Now more of the official specs is available in the press release.Costs a bummer at 399$ for just an ebook reader!

Now what they didn't tell you at the release specs.

PDF is not supported whatsoever, even via conversion. I heard someone laughing.
Blog Subscriptions cost 2$ a month with a 14 day trial. Not all blogs, only from a selection of 308 titles.
GIF,JPEGs are supported. So, all you manga addicts in the US can dig this.

Find more of these revelations here.

What I have to say? Why would someone pay 399$ for an e-book reader for Pete's sake, pay another 5$ to 15$ for additional subscriptions, carry yet another gadget weighing 10.3 ounces which fills both of your palms, and which is WHITE?
Ok, btw, Didn't Steve's handheld cost 399$ too? Hmm, it read PDF if I can remember. Had an 8GB hard drive, played Mp3s,MP4 video,Coverflow, 2mp camera, had a touchscreen, and oh, it made calls too. What was that called again?

Pic courtesy:p3t3rh2o

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