Tired of Facebook!

I am so tired of the overdose of news pouring in from all possible avenues. I mean, there's a limit to all this you know. All the online spaces have been filled to brim with everything that has to do with Facebook to such an extent that it has started to repel. It started with the " Is it gonna be GOOG or the Redmond Guys?" , and then the 240 million$ deal, the total value evaluation a 15 billion bucks, GOOG's retaliation with the Project Maka Maka, and Campfire One, and then official Facebook nemesis Opensocial API. I had started to get tired already until Facebook punched in my face.
Don't trust me. Go to Techmeme.com right now and just have a look. The entire first page is filled with topics and discussions about Facebook's Self Ads,Social Ads, MySpace Ads. What the F!!! I think more than we users (50 million of us on facebook), these Industry giants are more enthusiastic, more eager, and more desperate to Socially Network! Yeah, after all they are getting all the money.
P.S. I am still very much on Facebook and am very much still an addict of the medium.

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