Rock you post

Okay, so the API is out. And we all have been drooling over what next in ORKUT or the other sites? Orkut has just added one lame app called the Ask Friends, yeah much like the one in Facebook.Only it appears on your squeezed sidebar. No customization to your Orkut template so far. I even tried registering to Bebo just for the sake of it. And I found this new app called Rock which lets me create a slide show of the movies I in the posters. I did create the slideshow widget and the code was ready to be pasted, and bam.There is an option to include it in Orkut.Wow. So, how do I do this. F#$K. It says, you gotta paste it in the scrapbook. How lame!!!! Not in the profile but in the scrapbook like the other html stuff we have been doing on MySpace and recently in the scrapbook. I tried doing it just for F's sake, and you know what I found out.
The code was more than 1024 characters so Orkut wouldn't let me paste it. Oh Sweet mother of Lord!! So here I am back to square one, just more pissed. And then I realised, I could post it on my blog. SO here it is. If it doesn't work F..You Rockyou.

And well,if it does, am gonna be using that widget a hell lotta times more on this blog.

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