Over with CAT-Time for the Blog to Roll

After the disastrous performance at my attempt to become a manager,ie.CAT 2007 ,I am reminded of only one song and ie. ..But life still goes on,...I can't get used to living without living without...Living without you by my side.
Anyway, time to get back to Technology. God, Internet has been buzzing with all crazy news from all ends. Facebook entering China , Amazon with a paid "blog reader?",Google Magazine, Mininova hitting the 1 millionth torrent upload, 17 newspapers join Yahoo.....phew!!! Lemme take a breather! Shall be back with the normal updates soon,very soon. I still need some time for myself to get back to normal as I'm recovering from the trauma of Nov 18th, also known in India as CAT 2007. I promise, Techkeyla will be back in a blink.

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