Opensocial is Live

The last few days have been a long wait for me. Since Mr. Arrington (techcrunch) reported about the "Maka Maka" project by Google and the name Opensocial came up surging a high on the most keywords search list on Technorati, I have been waiting for the URL of the Opensocial API to go Live. And as promised, Thursday is over. And here we are. Opensocial is here .
For the details of the project and more, go to the official blog: written by authors:Amar Gandhi and Peter Chane. The first post is a wonderful read, and it declares that the Orkut Sandbox is open officially. No surprise, that the Opensocial page asks you to write "your first social gadget for Orkut". Myspace,hi5, Salesforce, Ning will soon be open for the developers.
Woohooo is what I say!!!
The tag goes:The web is better when it's social. Sweet.
But did we see any changes in Orkut yet? Nope , not in India. But yeah, we do expect Facebook only apps like iLike and may be the Vampire hugs,and Werewolves chumps to roam around Orkut soon.

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