My Email Signature

Umm, Gmail IMAP is out. And this gives me more functionality and enough reasons to justify myself to use a Mail Client for my personal mail(I use Lotus Notes for my Office Mail). I am quite lost choosing the right option, on one hand we have the Microsoft Outlook Express (which I'd have to install as yet), and on the other hand is the Firefox buddy-Thunderbird. Now, it will take some more time for me to come to the decision( essentially which takes around 4 hours of intense meditation in an ambience filled with incense and Nirvana,the band, and of course a bit of vodka does act as a catalyst to the process, but minus the MJ,as in G, as in pot) of choosing the right mail client for now. But, this is what I have planned for myself what my mail signature would look like.

Sujoy Singha
Mad Indian Blogger

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one"-John Lennon
Visit MyBlogLog and get a signature like this!

Yeah! How cool is that. Cudos to MyBlogLog.

The new Gmail 2.0 will soon roll out HTML enabled signatures. So well, I can put my Thunderbird or Outlook thought process inside a jar filled with rotten olives.

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