Is a lot, too much for Facebook?

Now don't start laughing. I am showing you my list of apps on Facebook. And this is probably why it takes a lot of time to load, given the many apps that are to be loaded. I keep lot em hidden, and many with their shutters closed. And still managed to get these many landed over my Profile page. So, is it getting all the more cluttered like MySpace.Well, I do know ,it is pretty much personal choice to keep the apps or not. But with the Ads launching, will Facebook lose its charm of exclusivity, arrangement and cleanliness(sure I don't have that on my page. I have a regualr wall, a Superwall and a fun-wall. How many do I need seriously?). And all those sponsors are gonna extensively utilise all my facebook info to send targeted ads on my profile. Hmm, its high time for account info deletion probably.

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