Inbox 2.0 from Yahoo

Just when we thought Yahoo has lost the game to the other big newsmakers of the techno-world, they have sprung back into action. And with this action, is it time now to bid goodbye to Yahoo 360, iGoogle, and all the other personal/social webpage profiles. We all have a habit of speculating too early, don't we? But for now, let's just break the ice of what's Yahoo upto! The future of Inbox is reportedly here! Your friendly inbox won't be dull no more. Read this article at NYTimes by Saul Hansell for the details. It is a detailed report on what is termed as the next gen of the Inbox whose primary function was to deliver your emails from your contacts and friends. The next gen would be the revamping of the Inbox to directly compete or join hands with start pages and Social Networks. Interesting point here is the fact that how Social Networks, on joining, prompt you to send invites for joining that particular social network via your contacts in your Mail. Better late than never, Yahoo and perhaps even Google, realised that they already have that as providers of the mail service. So, there we go. Inbox 2.0! Can't wait to see what it has to offer beyond what I can think right now! Shall be right back with the speculations!

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