Happy Diwali from Orkut

India is no.2 in terms of Orkut user base,behind only Brazil, and this is why Orkut is getting so India-centric(which is definitely a good thing). Also, it is believed that most of Orkut's maintenance and enhancements are done in Google India ( I said BELIEVED, no one can say it for sure, may be Sergey and Larry). This one is a festive treat. The Orkut page has a Diwali flavour. Go to your profile, and just left to the space where you see your email ID flashing, you'd see a link called Happy Diwali. And if you click on it. Voila! This is what you get, a brand new Festive Look with all the Aatishbazeee( Fireworks!!!!).

HAPPY DIWALI to all the readers of Techkeyla and all the internet junkies like me. May this festive season bring a lot of gadgets,gizmos and "peace and happiness" of course to all our lives!Thanks for reading Techkeyla. Keep the love flowing in and yeah, you can click the ads, they don't bite.LOL.

P.S. This functionality is only available in India, or to Orkut users who have entered their native country as India.( not tested, just my simple and obvious guess).

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  Hanafi Mohd Noor

November 9, 2007 at 8:16 AM

Hi, happy deepavali from a friend in Malaysia.