Fanboys Combat: Glenn Wolsey suffers being hacked

In the ultimate showdown between the Apple Fanboys and PC Fanboys, this is what happened to one of the most visited Apple weblogs. Glenn Wolsey,a 15 year old prodigy from New Zealand , whose blog is thronged by millions of Apple addicts and even those who aren't, everyday, has been hacked by someone called malcor. The site shows the following screen now.

As expected, when many fans and avid readers of the blog(which includes me as well) are disappointed, there are also thousands who are pretty excited about the whole event. Read the comments on Malco's blogs here and find out.Just be prepared to read a lot of geeky foul language from anonymous techies from both ends(Mac as well as PC ie).

UPDATE: The blog now shows a blank white page, and well as the image read, the blog had been hacked for 24 hours. So we can expect it to get back online quite soon!

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