Blog in Dollars?

People who have been blogging now for the last two years or more must be quite aware of the Technorati powered Widget which quantifies the financial worth of one's blog. The Dane Carlson project page is linked here.
There is another website with a similar purpose called Website Value Calculator. The startling results are about to follow. This blog of mine, ie Techkeyla has got so far a traffic of 12,000 visitors in the last 40 days or so since its genesis. Its Alexa rating is in the range of 3 million, and I wouldn't mention the Google Page Rank. Both the value calculators are based on Alexa rating, and Google Page ranking. However, they have different results to show.
First: Dane Carlson's Blog Worth Calculator.
For Techkeyla the worth is: 2,258.16$

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

According to Website Value Calculator however, it is a mere 208$.

My site is worth $208.
How much is yours worth?

BTW, for my other two, not-so-popular blogs, Tathastu and Magnumopus, the results are more amusing than the dollars they boast of!!!
Dane Carlson gives Tathastu a worth of $3,951.78, and well, Website Value gives it, wait for it, a jaw dropping $77,781,960 . Ahem! I just choked. The bug here is the Alexa ranking. Tathastu has an Alexa ranking of 12 and a Google Page ranking of 3. How the F? I donno. Apparently, I can earn $108,750/Link/Month through Text Link Ads and $1,522,499.9958/Month through creative product placements.That's what Website Value says.LOL.

Don't even get me started on Magnumopus.
Dane Carlson gives it: $3,951.78 again, and Website Value gives a score of :$77,783,136 . Hmm! with such killer earning blogs, should I just throw the "I resign " letter on the face of my Manager today? LOL. Foolish thought!!! Get real Sujoy.

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