Behold: Anti-Google enters

I happened to stumble upon this article at Sphinn(yeah! the blue button you see below).It is titled "Say Goodbye to Google". I even read a similar forum discussion here.It is true that Google, in its pursuit for organizing the entire online information has started to appear to some,as a Giant who wants control over all. We cannot deny that Search today is synonymous to Google,or vice versa. Gmail has become one of the most widely used Mail services, setting trends with security,spam filter, large sized inboxes and attachments sizes larger than most free mail inbox sizes. Firefox is the pioneer of the Open Source browser league and well, I, being in India, am an Orkut addict. And I just skipped some other major Google products and their features, coz that would take up the entire page. Apparently, the entire scope of Google seems to upset a few people(a few, because they are only a few, again,I assume). Here are some questions these so-called Anti-Google people have to ask.

Is Google trying to out perform Microsoft in manopolizing the Internet?
All the shorcuts applications in the tool bar are Google, Google, and more Google.

They even suggest substitutes to the Google products.What can I say? I blog on Blogger, use Google Adsense, Google Blogsearch, Google Search, on a Firefox Browser and Google is one of the top Labels on my blog. So, praise the Big G.

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November 16, 2007 at 3:25 PM

You may not praise the big G when they penalise you for doing something, anything, nobody knows what.

The Anti_G is here to stay. Google placed a snowball at the top of a mountain, and then they pushed it down the hill. It grows all on its own. Just like the anti-microsoft snowball grew.

They have too much power, and it is time to take it back. My post suggest ways people can do that, if they want to.

Believe me, if you ever get hit by the Google stick, you'll be anti-google too, in a heart beat. Why not get in now and become anti-google, avoid the rush? ;)


  Igor The Troll

November 18, 2007 at 2:07 PM

You said, "You blog on Blogger, use Google Adsense, Google Blogsearch, Google Search, on a Firefox Browser and Google!"

We are not Anti Google, we are Anti hypocrisy, we ar Anti Monopoly, we are Pro Democracy!

If you want, please use Google products, we all do!

But you may find some other products better than Google, deside for yourself.


November 18, 2007 at 8:08 PM

don't get me wrong, but my point was that like it or hate it, google has become an integral part of our internet experience. True at times, Google has made appearances as Monopolic or as u said authoritarians. My point here is, no matter what, it would be hard to find a substitute to the Big G , looking at the pace at which they are growing technologically as well as financially. Probably it'd take some time for me to understand what you meant, unless, God forbid, Google does something drastic with my services. I remember I hated digg for banning my account for no fault of mine. But I still wish my account was existing. Peace