5 Rumors for the Black Friday

Ok! So the Black Friday is almost here and well, its time for people to queue up early in the morning in front of their favorite gizmo store. So, how about cooking up some rumors for this Black Friday instead of some Turkey eh!
So here I go!

1:Facebook joins Opensocial, and well Google links up Gmail user IDs to it. Those who already are logging in Facebook via Gmail email IDs, get an invite to a Gmail/Google Facebook exclusive group/app.

2:iPhone launches back the 4 GB model. Sold for 250$. Wait! I've got a better one. Steve shows Woz a big hug, and tells him that iPhone is going the Open way. As in, no more lock! Free,Free,Free!!!!!!! So all those minds occupied by keywords like unbricking, jailbreak et al, can just sit down, stretch their legs and eat Turkey.

3:Glenn Wolsey admits that he was the one who hacked his own site. ie. Glenn Wolsey is malcor.

4: eBay sells Skype to Yahoo!

5:Digg finally unbanns me. How I miss digging!!

Too much to digest for now. Shall be back with a real post soon.

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