5 Google Possibilities

Remember Skynet from T2:Judgement Day? Yep the one huge AI network that takes control and then BOOM! People draw parallels between Internet and Skynet, or whatever. But to me, Google is actually the better comparison. Look at GOOG. Search Engine, Mail, Maps, Ads, Social Networking, Groups, Social Networking APIs, Blogs, Desktop Search, Translators,Codes, Labs, Books,Desktop Toolbars, IM, Photo Sharing ,YOUTUBE and now Mobile OS. Is it all covered, or did I miss anything in the list?

So what more can we expect from Google in the future? Here is a list of what I think Google should/would or could do in the next few years (ETA not provided,LOL).

1. A full fledged Google Desktop Operating System , not a mobile one ,which is Opensource and can run on any Machine with a Motherboard. C'mon wouldn't it be great to see the Big G on your Desktop as your OS? The focus could be on fast loading and Better Security.

2.A Google Phone- yeah who wouldn't go for it? Apple did some really great job with the iPhone and TIME has already announced it as the gadget of the year( as if we didn't know that).It's now the turn of GOOG to go for it. Get ahead-you can collaborate with some of the majors may be Moto!

3.Google Dome-A place where people who swear by GOOG and who worship it can see all about Google. The different press releases, the different technological projects in the pipeline (if not confidential)...you get it, everything Google. This would be our Disneyland.

4.A Google Mascot-I know this one's a bit lame. But we would love to have a mascot, at least I would. C'mon Linux has its Penguin, Java has Duke and Apple has the bitten Apple. Time to think. What could be the possibilities? See-some of the big ones who don't have a Mascot -Microsoft, Facebook are your competitors. So get a mascot and get ahead!!!

5.Google Music-I know they have Youtube already.
Google Music could be iTunes+Napster+Last FM+Opensource+free for Promotional Bands/Singles .It reminds me of a Queen Song-"I want it all".

So there you have it! My list of the 5 Google Possibilities. Would appreciate your comments and also look forward to your additions to the list. Peace!

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  Ankit Jain

November 7, 2007 at 6:06 AM

1 thing i would like to add would be Google Servers..
They have awesome servers.. so if they are ready to get a service started to provide webspace for running sites.. i would pay a decent amount to buy one.


November 7, 2007 at 6:26 AM

@ ankit..
Do u mean Google Daddy ( Replacing GoDaddy)?


November 8, 2007 at 11:03 AM

Google virtual world will be the killer app :)