5 Favorite Facebook Widgets

CIO did an interesting article enlisting the 5 Favorite Widgets for Business users on Facebook. Now I am not that,right! (Well, I do dream of becoming one, one day, but that's a different story). So here I am, writing down my own 5 favorite Facebook Widgets, not necessarily in any order.

1: Blog Friends
It is the best way to make my contacts and friends know of my latest posts. Only limitations is for a blogger like me who maintains 4 different blogs,there is no option but to just stick to your three favorite ones.Hmm! Similar widgets also existing on my Facebook profile are: Flog Blog and Stumble Upon.

2:Pirates vs.Ninja
I love Naruto and am a big big fan of the Jap-Anime league of which I worship Uzumaki Naruto.
So for a change , when I get to be one, and kick the buttocks of the Jack Sparrows and Captain Hooks , I love it. It hurts when you lose but! Similar widgets: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies et al.

Need I say more.

For a music buff like me , this is the best way to discover the varied musical tastes of the online community on Facebook. Just love it. Not so similar widget would be Flixster which is a movie comparison,quizzing widget. I love it too, given the movie addict that I am,

5:Addicted to:
There are a zillion of Addicted to Apps, and the one that has captured me the most is the Addicted to Friends app. I have scored 8070 in the trivia quiz and am ranked a Fiend. (Collars UP!)
Also featuring other shows like Sex and the City, LOST,How I Met your Mother, CSI,24,The Office etc etc etc.

Open for comments now.

P.S. First post so far, to start with a hyperlink.

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