100th Post:5 Reasons to Visit

Yippeeeee!!!!! I have done it. In just 40 days, I have posted a hundred posts on Techkeyla, including this one,all by myself. Well, as the footer reads, all articles on this blog aren't necessarily source materials and you know,not the first one to break out the breaking news in the world of technology(c'mon where do I stand in that race, let's be real!).But yeah, what the heck! Techkeyla wasn't meant to be that in the first place. Techkeyla is my take on the world of Technology and everything that has to do with it. Some might accuse me of being too self-centered and stuff like that. But hey! it's my blog first. And so what comes second is Social Networking. Agreed it's a personal blog, but it shouldn't remain a personal dish which only I can relish.It is a blog, and everyone can visit, and read(and talk about hopefully). And here, on my 100th post, I give you five reasons why you should frequent Techkeyla all the more!

1:I read more than you do: Yep, I might sound a bit like a smug, but I do read a lot of stuff online, more than average people. I know my manager won't be happy if he finds this out, but yeah,I do read a lot. So, the more I read means I can write more on topics spanning more variety (within the technology umbrella of course). So, you know where to go if you want to find out something interesting, vanilla flavored technology with a slice of Apple!

2.You won't get the Humor elsewhere:I don't know if you have at all noticed it, but I try to keep the ambience a bit on the funny side! I really don't believe in taking life in general, and technology in particular,seriously. Am not accusing that all writers out there write everything in bot-ic lang. But yeah, am just saying that humor is here on Techkeyla.

3.Least of Ads and Most of Feeds: I have tried to keep it down and minimum when it has come to Ads. (Actually, the thing is I don't have anything else than an Adsense account!). I have also gathered a few of the most read tech-blog feeds on my blog. So you need not go to any other bookmarking website. Just read it all from here.

4.Facebook/Orkut/Opensocial/Google/Apple/Microsoft/Firefox/OpenSource: You got it. You love these keywords, and you'll find a lot about them if you are here. I write a lot about them. Not because I know a lot about them, or I am trying to cash in on these really hot search words, but just because, I,like any other tech-internet-junkie, am in love with them.

5:For me:Who said I was selfish? I kept this for the last reason.C'mon. You know we all love our blogs to be read by more and more people. I have tried each and every trick in the book. MyBlogLog,Blog Catalog, Social Networking sites, Social Bookmarking sites, email my pals. I do deserve a bit more love and attention now for all the hardwork I have shown,right? Yeah,yeah I know, I'm am the Web 2.0 equivalent of a press-W#0r3.. So what,who isn't?
Come on, happy surfing!

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