A year overdue: Motorazr v3i Review

This got to be the most rigorous of all reviews out there. After using my RAZR for almost a year, and after almost 3 years after the product launch of the MotoRazr, and well 2 years after the launch of the V3i breed, I am finally reviewing my very lovely MotoRazr V3i.
Unboxing it wasn't as thrilling, of course..now that the iPhone is here(not mine). I actually can't remember unboxing it. Probably I told my roomie to do it for me. The usuals-earphones/handsfree,USB2.0 cable,Datacard case,Leathercase,Phone Charger. The leather case did seem cool, and after a year it is still so indeed.
Official Specs: 12MB Internal Memory,Mp3 and Polyphonic Ringtones,GSM Quadband, Bluetooth,mini-USB,96g weight and 1.23 mp camera,iTunes, 256 MB external miniSD card,

What all specs of the official mentioned specs on the manual have I got my hands on in this one year. Well read on...
iTunes/mp3: Lovely. It has a cap on a max limit of 50 songs, but well, I keep changing my Playlist, coz there are too many songs out there. So well, doesn't really make a big difference to me.The mp3 surfing is just ok(well, cant compare it to the clickwheel of a Nano), and the output of the earphones are just decent enough.Though I miss the proper bass output . I have figured out that when the cushion on the earphones get used for sometime(resulting in them to get a bit thinned), the bass output gets a bit more clear. The mp3 from iTunes cannot be used as a ringtone. You need to save it as an audio file in your Phone memory only to use it as a ringtone.
That's a feature I love to use, coz I feel elated to hear well..Decibel's Naagin the Lady Cobra, or Walk this Way as my ringer!!! The sound output on the Razr speakers is inferior to the Sony Ericsson Phones , which disturbs me a bit.

Battery: I don't care what they say, but I'm more than happy with the way the v3i has performed when it came to battery life. It has survived 4 days at a stretch(last two days on a single bar of battery charge)..much of which I spent listening to music.

Stress Test: I have dropped my Razr three times. All three times on concrete. Once at the Petrol Pump, once at my work campus, and once from the top of the stairs to the ground( with the leather case on,thank God). With only a few minor scratches, my V3i works just as new. No glitches in the software ,neither any moving parts in the hardware so far,touchwood.

1.23 MP: The camera isn't good . The colors are all gone haywire, seems like a 1980s roll has been freshly processed in the studios to retrieve whatever image it contains. The hues don't impress me. Only the pictures taken under proper lights( sunlight i.e.) are noticeable.

256 MB Card can be upgraded to 1 GB. But well the 50 songs cap on iTunes makes it no sense unless you want to use your razr as a pen-drive.

Bluetooth:I have used this most of the time for exchanging Mp3s and pics. And I just love to use it. I don't use it that often to be able to comment on the battery draining caused by Bluetooth.I tried to use the bluetooth to sync with the all new iPhone that me friend has, and I was unable to do so. Damn you Steve!

Ergonomics: It is the best designed gizmo of all times. The sleek black finish, the finely sharp yet curved edges, the shiny joints, and the thin flap.

True what Keats had said." A thing of beauty is a joy forever". I feel happy to own a MotoRazr V3i.

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