Why I love Facebook

Okay,I must admit that I made quite a late entry to the world of Facebook. That is because I just didn't feel the need of joining yet another social networking website. I have an orkut ID, which has almost all my pals added in and almost all my interests related communities covered. I have been offered with a lot of invitations from similar Social networking websites hi5,gazzag, and the Indian avatars, yaari and whatever and whatnots. And well, facebook seemed to me just yet another kid from the block.
How wrong was I?
I love FACEBOOK (referred from now on as FB)and I cannot live without it. Orkut is just filled with too many spammers and online sluts inviting for a friendly whatever. And Google seems to be not paying attention. FB 's biggest advantage is the ability of adding multiple applications to your page developed by non-facebook developers,just for facebook. So be it the Flixster,iLike Music App, Superwall, the Vampire Chumps, I love em all. And well, u'll find them all on my page.
My Facebook Profile
The next great thing I like about Facebook is the inclusion of many bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, RSS-Feeds etc. Being a blogger and an Internet addict, this is so awesome.
One of the greatest ones is that I have found the who's who of the blogosphere here on facebook . From Michael Arrington to Amit Agarwal and Darren Rowse, all of them are on Facebook. I tried adding them up, and have been successful to add only a few.
Another big thing I like about Facebook is the uniform look throughout which makes it look very arranged,unlike MySpace.
FB is also one of those places where buying drinks costs nothing,LOL.
You can poke your friends, give them a Werewolf bite, turn them into Zombies and hit them, give them a punch and all that you wanted to (That's a huge thing for all we Zombie movie fans, and even for those who aren't).I have even put up my resume on my Facebook profile.That's really desperate.

Lastly, I love the Addicted to Series of Apps, my favorite being the Addicted to Friends. I am a Fiend in the Friends Trivia Quiz which is a thing I can flaunt (collars up).

Am I getting too indulgent?
Hell yeah!!! FB rocks.

Pic Courtesy: BeFitt

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October 30, 2007 at 2:05 AM

im a wizard :P

but yea FB rox...