Why Digg Sucks

You'd say I'm just whinin after the entire digg fiasco chapter that hit me. I must admit that my Monday hasn't been cheerful at all. I felt like a pirate or a thief who tried to steal something. Only, I don't know what I stole. Its almost 8:15 pm in the night, and I tried searching if anyone has also been a victim to the Dig of Digg. And this is what I found. Jennifer Laycock from SearchEngineGuide has posted a wonderful post which made my night a bit better than my day. In this post,linked here she has posted some of the reasons why skipping digg makes sense.
I would like to share some. The title goes as :Social Bookmarking: Skip Digg and Go Niche
She states the reasons to skip digg as~

Digg has a very hostile user base; niche sites have supportive ones
Digg is not transparent; we don't know why some stories get buried

Well, I do second those views. For the whole list go to the link here.

Well there are other reasons too. Like most of the digg hits are for celeb gossips blogs like TMZ.com with headlines "OMG,Clay Aiken is gay". What is that doing on a site which is meant to serve the Web 2.0 community ,not the P3 tabloid readers.

Anyway!!!!Thanks Jenn,you made me feel better. Bye Digg. I can do without you.

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  The Lactivist

November 1, 2007 at 7:01 PM

LOL, you're totally welcome! So glad you liked my post. (and always nice to hear someone else isn't a big fan of Digg either.)

(of Search Engine Guide)


November 7, 2007 at 9:56 PM

@ Jen:
always a digg hater once they banned me...but yeah, I do wish sometimes of 100 diggs on my post. LOL.