What's up Google?

I have had a lot of posts here talking about the Tech giants Apple,Microsoft and the new hottie Facebook. But well, nobody can deny the fact that we just can't do without Google. Whether it be search, or mail, or News, or Gadgets, or Code, or for this Blog. Google is the King , the Emperor and the Czar of all. But of late, Google has been quite silent, or has it? Ok, I do agree the IMAP support from Gmail did create a buzz, but compare that to the iPhone Jailbreak or the 240 million dollar Deal. So how is Google actually doing these days? Are Larry and Sergey upto something bigger,greater and NEW?
Of course they are!!! Take this. Hold on, bring your glass of wine, and Cheers first. Google is in talking terms with Verizon on letting them use their yet-to-be released Operating Systems on cellular phones. That is a big shocker for Verizon rival AT&T. How this goes down,well ,I'll be definitely keeping an eye on it.

Next in line, coming this Friday is : Opensocial(Link to be live on Thursday). It is Google's answer to Facebook and much more. Opensocial, as many would mistake it, isn't another Social Networking website. C'mon, they already have Orkut, and it is huge in Brazil,India and Pakistan. So what is Opensocial. It is a result of the Google-sponsored project that tried to "rethink and reinvent online social networking" called Socialstream. Opensocial is a meta-social network that aggregates data from other community sites using APIs and whose goal "is to present social information in a way that ties it to the person who posted the information, and not the site from which it came."Okay, I really don't know if I made sense , but well, the confusion won't stay for long. This Thursday, the curtains will be raised.I'll be there for sure to witness Opensocial.

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