Save Apple. Kiddin'Me

June 1997. Wired Mag released an entire list :101 to be precise to SAVE APPLE.
Ten Years later, who is laughing. Some excerpts that I really laughed at are quoted below.
Thanks to 9 rules for bringing out the story.

1. Admit it. You're out of the hardware game. Outsource your hardware production, or scrap it entirely, to compete more directly with Microsoft without the liability of manufacturing boxes.

2. License the Apple name/technology to appliance manufacturers and build GUIs for every possible device - from washing machines to telephones to WebTV. Have them all use the same communications protocol. Result: you monopolize the market for smart devices/homes.

6. Apologize. You've let down many devoted users and did not deliver on the promise of the Macintosh platform.

12. Build a fire under your ad agency. People don't need warm, fuzzy infomercials about the Mac family. And who cares what's on Todd Rundgren's PowerBook? People want to know about power (the CPU kind, not George Clinton's), performance, and price.

21. Sell yourself to IBM or Motorola, the PowerPC makers. You can become the computer division that Motorola wants or the alternative within IBM. This would give the company volume for its PowerPC devices and leverage for other PowerPC offerings.

23. Create a new logo. The corporate graphic of the multicolored apple was tired in the 1980s, now it's positively obsolete. Plaster the new logo on hats and T shirts to be worn conspicuously by Andre Agassi, Nicolas Cage, and Ashley Judd.

31. Build a PDA for less than $250 that actually does something: a) cellular email b) 56-channel TV c) Internet phone.

Steve really listened to this one,perhaps.

81. Merge with Sega and become a game company.

The entire List can be found here:
Thanks Wired. Peace.Out!

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