Safari is a rough ride

I have been using Mozilla Firefox and Opera for quite sometime now. IE 6 has been also on my usage on the list, but it is limited to only a few websites for work. I am very satisfied with the whole browsing experience of Mozilla and the whole universe of addons it has opened for me and billions of browsers worldwide. Opera is fun too. But the Cupertino bug hit me real hard last June since the iPhone launch, and out of curiosity,I installed the Safari. The browsing experience is meh!. I mean, its okay, not as fast s Mr.Jobs demonstrated it at WWDC. I mean for a 256 kbps line, I really can't feel the difference between Firefox,Opera and Safari,or for that matter IE 6(I don't use IE 7 for ethical reasons,lol).
The fonts are a pleasure to feast upon, with smudgy edges. I don't know what font it is, but its a real pleasure for the eyes. But that's pretty much it.

The Safari has a big big problem with most of the pages. And this is what happens when I try to open one of the most popular website "Yahoo".

And this is not the only problem. Every time I try to write my blogs on Safari(on blogger), and I add my pics( well most of them are flickr pics, so I go to Edit Html and add the source of the pic, )and when I go for viewing it in the Compose mode,BAM!!!! The Safari browser error. The pop up box saying that Safari cannot complete the request and has encountered an error. All Safari browser windows non-functional and the only option left for you is to close down the whole thing.
Add to that no proxy settings changes enabled in the Safari. Seriously, why do I use Safari when I can have all the flavours in Mozilla error-free?

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