iPhone unlocked in France?

Okay, the US telecom laws are different from France's(like many other laws). In the US, mobile phones may be unlocked but phone operators are not legally obliged to assist you.

However in France,according to a by-law passed on the 17th of November 1998 phone operators are obliged to unlock your phone, for a cost during the first 6 months of a contract but for free after the initial 6 months.

You say, how Cupertino is gonna come into terms with that? This is how. iPhone is launching in France on Orange on Nov.29th. Orange will be obliged by law to provide SIM-unlock codes for free 6 month into any contract.So on on May 29 2008, 6 months after the introduction in France, Apple will be endorsing SIM-free iPhones.

So,will May 29,2008 be the day I shall buy my iPhone without the cracks and anySIMfree, and completely without worries of any firmware upgrades?Time and Jobs will tell.

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