Yeah! you read that right.Someone did write an entire article stating reasons( well justified ones) of why he hates Macs so much. This guy goes by the name David Ramel,e-mail newsletter/Networking channel editor at Computerworld.
He begins:~

My boss just said we're moving to Macs. I don't know if he was serious, but it might really happen -- he's a bona-fide, born-again Mac zealot, after decades of using real computers (he even had his own, successful Windows-centric newsletter).

I joked that I'll switch to a Mac after they pry the PC from my cold, stiff fingers. In reality, I'll just go along with the program and lose about 30% in productivity.

I hate Macs.

The picture above is just an illustration and not the picture of Mr.Ramel. All said and done,I don't know what problem he has with Steve Jobs' black turtleneck . He calls Mr.Jobs , a rockstar wanna-be. Ok! Apple fans take notice. Retaliate.
This is what he said:~
I hate everything Apple -- starting with rock star wanna-be Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck and jeans on his big, lavish stage, telling the world every three weeks or so how Apple's newest overpriced gizmo will change the world. Snake oil, anyone? Snarky, sleazy sliminess, anyone?

Read the entire artcile here.

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October 18, 2007 at 5:58 PM

I kind of feel sorry for people like him, his comments are more then likely based on his own lack of knowledge and or first hand experience of the Mac.

The majority of people who make the Switch from PC to Mac quickly discover that their productivity increases due in part to less maintenance required to run OS X and of course Apple unique way of streamlining operation.

More then likely he will reluctantly use the Mac and like many before him will become yet another Mac Zealot who PC fan boys and girls will ridicule...