Gmail iMap Enabled?

Ok , the entire blogosphere is going gaga over just 3 things. The Leopard Launch, the Microsoft Facebook Deal of 240 million bucks , and the third one -Gmail getting IMap enabled. But well, it doesn't seem to be enabled for me yet.

I have 3 gmail Ids and well only one of them is enabled.(Why I have 3 separate email IDs is a different story altogether. Well, one is for my friends and stuff, one for my jobsearch, and one for my blogs, my subscription to different websites etc etc). The interesting thing is the mail ID which has IMAP enabled has the least inbox space.
I even asked a whole bunch of people who have Gmail IDs (and trust me, its not just a bunch of people), and mostly haven't seen the IMAP link. So is Gmail rolling it out in phases?We have to wait and watch.

For all those who don't trust me, here's a screen dump of my IMAP enabled Gmail.

P.S. IMAP isn't another Apple thingie.

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