Facebook under pressure

It seems that Facebook is under tremendous pressure. We are used to the donuts page reading Bad Bad Server on orkut.com. And well, not surprisingly, facebook has certain limitations too. I tried searching for blogging communities on facebook, and this is what showed. The server load of the number of hits at that instant must have hit a high, especially after the 240 million $ deal.(Why especially, c'mon THINK!) I wish Facebook was error free.
Another bug apparently is, the browsing experience gets a bit too techie at times. What I mean is, when one hits a particular link, at times, you get a glimpse of the code lying underneath. You know the java classes being called, and the jsps being displayed. Hehehe. I even got hold of this error-Trust me.

Seems the guys at FB have still a long way to go.C'mon guys, we are counting on you.

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