Facebook equals 15 billion USD

Okay,so you must have read it by now splashed all over at infinite technology blogs and industry news websites. I'm talking about the Microsoft's deal with Facebook. Yep, 240 million USD for 1.5% of the Facebook Pie. That puts Facebook at an estimated total valuation of 15 billion $. Hmm.! Ok,industry experts believe that either Microsoft backed out of buying a larger piece( speculations were that Microsoft was going for a 750 million $ deal), or Facebook doesn't want to go all the way to sell out to the control freaks from Redmond. The blog here believes that the deal with Microsoft would bring more harm than benefit to the Facebook universe. Well, he does believe in lot other things too. Wired has cited 3 reasons why Microsoft underpaid . Interesting read.

So what does the whole deal mean? What changes will we able to see in the new Facebook?
Will Facebook feature a Live Search engine? Will we have flash videos popping up with ads on msn and other msn products? Will Facebook have an inbuilt chat enabled? Will Facebook eventually be switched over to only hotmail and live mail IDs? Lots of questions unanswered.

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