Beyonce brought to you by Accenture

Yes. You read that right. I know it doesn't have any link with Technology as such, so does the entire Beyonce gig about to happen in India. What makes Accenture endorse such an event is still wondering me. I tried to tweak the thing. See,the thing is Google Adsense says:

And I tried to hit the URL not through adsense. And well, as expected, it had no signs of Beyonce anywhere. I could not hit my own adsense ad , and so what I did was search "Beyonce in India" on Google. The first result as expected again, was the same Google Adsense ad. I hit the Link , and found this page.

True. High performance.Delivered. Hehehe. The Accenture connection. Technically Bootylicious. Bay-beh!!!

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