Apple Haters

Yeah. I mean these guys exist. I am a member of an orkut community called Apple. The community is most of it irrelevant filled with posts filled with referral to petty affiliate sites, download for free headliners, and online sluts asking for whatever. But yeah, the one thread which has the maximum no. of replies and the longest discussion probably is the one titled:
Apple suks with a K. There is this certain guy called Jose Luis Miranda from Miami supposedly, who has put up some really straight-forward hits on Cupertino head-honcho Mr.Jobs.
I cannot put up all of them, but just read some of the 'interesting' ones.

Apple is the computer for loosers, or for people that want to sleep with Steve Jobs

there is a reason why most people in the world use pc, thats because its better, if mac was better more people would use it, but to find somebody that uses a mac is the hardest thing in the world, get real people, when mac is remotely interesting you can say anything, and by the way, vista is out for less then a month and has sold 4 times what osx tiger has sold in one year, think about it you loosers

you guys have got to be drinking before you come here and talk because, the reality is the world doesnt give a crap about Apple, if you take windows away from the world there will be several businesses crashing and a lot of people will be un employed, windows holds the world in its hands, and by the way steve jobs is looser who thinks that being a smart ass will make people change from pc to mac, get real, the guy is a stupid ass who has some good ideas but is too greedy to make anything out of it, just look at the ipod, the ipod breaks about a month after you warranty expires so you have to buy another one, I would never buy an ipod ever..

Feb18:iphone will be a bust, iphone will not sell well and will have many problems right after it comes out, hahahahahahahahahhah another bust for steve jobs collection, this guy is a looser

I know I'm just making this Jose guy sound pretty important. Lets just say Jose, stay happy in your Windows World with the viruses. And yeah, the new Zune is made for you. How about a Zune tattoo? Add to that get a Windows Mobile, add Live search as your homepage. God! I'm pissed.

P.S. Have a look, he always spells loser as 'looser'.

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